Support Local, Buy Local

Only by "buying local" can we truly keep the money here at home. In order to boost our economy here in Honolulu we need to truly support our local businesses and get what truly makes Honolulu special to stay around. What truly makes Honolulu special is the many businesses that have gotten their start here and have grown over the decades. Businesses such as Loves, Leonard's, Bike Factory, Zippy's, even LnL. We had many of our local businesses close due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and we need to do what ever we can to make sure these staples of our community are here to stay for future generations to enjoy. 

Bringing Down The Cost Of Living

A big thing for me is ensuring that our City and County Government is running efficiently and that we are cutting out nonsensical government spending. Those are very possibly two big things that we can do as public servants to bring down the cost of living here, especially when it comes down to how much the people of Honolulu are taxed and what they are being taxed for. 

We must also take a look at our export and import rates to see if there is a way that we can lessen the blow financially for the goods that we imported here. In regards to our exports we should take a look at how Honolulu, and especially Hawaii as a whole can benefit the most from the goods that we send overseas. 

Caring For & Improving On Our Current Infrastructure 

Here in Honolulu District 6 we have many aging communities where our infrastructure may not be what it used to be. Our infrastructure such as our sewer and water lines, canal walls, and especially our roads are in need of continual fixes and it has not gone unnoticed. We need to ensure that our current infrastructure is being upkept before we continue to approve and move along with bigger and newer projects to help "boost" the economy. My thing is that we need to be able to take care of what we have now, before we take on something new. A great example of this would be the "Rail." A project that is well into overtime and well over it's originally projected budget.  I vow to continue to work with the different City Departments to continue to permanently fix our roads, fix our broken down walls and sidewalks, and continue to work with the Board of Water Supply to further update our water lines and ensure the people of Honolulu have clean drinking water. 

Working To Help Make Our Communities Safer

With the noticeable uptick in violent crime here in Honolulu it is becoming more apparent that we need to do more as a City, as a State & as a Community to ensure things like this do not happen. From throwing more support behind Neighborhood Security Watch Programs, to better ensuring the Honolulu Police Dept. has what they need to meet the needs of the communities they serve, and then overall just making sure that the residents have the capacity, the tools & the ability to defend not only themselves, but also their property and their friends, loved ones & neighbors alike. We need policies that will empower residents to protect their communities as well as trainings and townhalls so that we do give the residents these tools. A safer community does not stop with just cracking down on crime, that also goes hand in hand with taking care of one another. Ensuring our public walkways, our parks & our facilities are safe to walk around and visit. We must also ensure that our natural resources remain untampered, unharmed & unchanged.  That is how we make a safer Honolulu.

Provide A More Sustainable Home For Our Residents


In Honolulu we came to realize during the COVID-19 Pandemic just how detrimental another lockdown or even a stopper in our Tourism Industry can be to our economy. In the coming years it is very important that we do our best to diversify our economy. Whether that comes through agriculture, the natural sciences, or even more so technology we need to find a niche that will put Honolulu back on the map as not just a tourist destination, but also a place where we provide much needed resources to those who we have so heavily depended on in the past. 

Aside from industry, I would like to see more community gardens. While we say that we would like to eat healthier and improve the quality of our food, especially when it comes down to school meals, what better way could there be than a community garden. The fruits and vegetables that our kids and even our community members could use in their meals would be coming from the very gardens that the community will be working so hard to cultivate and care for. 

Alleviating Oahu's Transportation Issues

We need to come together to solve the transportation issues that continue to plague Honolulu. Transportation issues do not only come down to traffic, but also come down to traffic safety concerns such as speeding and poor quality of roads. There are many aspects that we must look at when it comes down to transportation from the roads and road usage to the type of enforcement we have in regards to our traffic laws. I believe Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization is doing a good job in solving these issues and I would love to continue to work with them on this.