"I come from a family who has always worked hard to make sure we made ends meet. During my time on Neighborhood Board 14 I have had the honor to meet many of my neighbors who I haven't met until then, & have gotten to see the many issues that hold back our communities from being their best. From ensuring Honolulu can become more sustainable for our residents to making sure our communities are safer, these are the issues that I want to see solved. I believe that it is our kuleana to make sure that happens." 

Chance K. Naauao-Ota

Changes Chance Wants To See

  1. Support Local, Buy Local

  2. Bringing Down The Cost of Living

  3. Caring for & Improving On Our Current Infrastructure

  4. Working to Help Make Our Communities Safer

  5. Provide A More Sustainable Home for Our Residents

  6. Alleviating Oahu's Transportation Issues