Aloha - Perseverance - Leadership 


My name is Chance K. Naauao-Ota and I am running for Honolulu City Council District 6. I am running for City Council District 6 because as we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, our city needs to take the next step in not just returning to normal, but coming out better than we were. As a lifetime resident having roots from many generations of Japanese/Chinese/Okinawan immigrants and of Hawaiian ancestry alike I know that my generation will be inheriting and dealing with the issues that our City faces. From finding ways to make living here more affordable to making our communities safer, these are things that we have been facing and our children may have to keep on facing when it is time for them to step up and do what I am doing now. I will admit that there is no quick fix for these issues, that it will take time and with the time that I am allowed to serve you I will do what I can to make Honolulu’s future a better one. That is why I believe that it is time to take a chance on the next generation of lawmakers and public servants, and let them bring fresh and new ideas to the table. I want to provide our community with that chance.  

We are at a turning point in Hawaii’s history where we are in need of leaders who will now move us forward rather than keep our state and our city where it has been. We cannot continue to stay where we feel comfortable. There is a saying that comfort leads to complacency. We can no longer go on being complacent because god knows that those who  serve do not serve because it is easy. We do it because it is what must be done. We have a chance to change Honolulu’s future for the better & I hope you will join me in changing it together. 

I know if we Honolulu’s public servants and you the residents can come together we can overcome any obstacle.


 If you are interested in hearing more or even helping out with my campaign for Honolulu City Council District 6 feel free to reach me at or you can give me a call at (808)753-1654.

Remember my name is Chance K. Na'auao-Ota, a candidate for Honolulu City Council District 6, ready to serve the community that made me who I am. Let’s GIVE ALOHA A CHANCE!

Mahalo nui loa,

Chance K. Naauao-Ota


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